Rocket & Parmesan Salad

I was introduced to this simple, yet delicious salad when I was living in Australia back in 2008. It on practically every menu so this peppery treat quickly became a staple in my diet.

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Mouth watering Enchiladas

Want to satisfy your hunger? Try this easy enchilada recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  

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Pesto Spaghettini with tomatoes, baby kale & fresh ricotta 

Pasta dishes are my jam. Maybe because they tend to be the easiest? Regardless, I’m always game for a new combination when it comes to putting a pasta dish together.   The other day I was craving something fresh & colourful and came across this delicious recipe–the photo on Epicurious made my mouth instantly salivate so I figured it would be a good call.
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Easy Bircher Meusli 

I lived in Sydney, Australia for a year back in 2008-2009 and I worked at a cafe called Speedos Cafe that was right at the North end of famous Bondi Beach. Nestled between the hottest restaurant in the evenings and busiest surf school by day, this was THE spot to grab a delicious bite to eat and watch the comings and goings of Australian celebrities and locals alike. There was a lot of great food there and one thing that I always wanted to duplicate was their Bircher Muesli.

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Chilli Lime Snapper & Yam Wedges w/Chipotle Aioli

I don’t cook fish very often but I’ve been wanting to incorporate it at least once a week just to change it up. I cam across a Chilli Lime batter recipe but it asked for quinoa flakes and after not being able to find them at two grocery stores I threw in that towel and decided to wing it.

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