Veggie Chili to get you ‘going’

I’m about to get really candid here. I’ve been going through some tummy issues for the past 3 weeks and have realized that I am completely backed up (I think you know what that means). My immediate thought was “How can I get rid of this feeling a.s.a.p.?”. If anyone else has been in my situation, you can understand the frustration. So this is a recipe but also a little lesson on how to get past this ‘blockage’. I’ve found many words for this without having to say the C word!

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Chipotle Chicken Wraps 

When I first moved away from home at the age of 18, I was clueless in the kitchen. The only appliance I knew how to use was my George Forman grill that I would cook chicken breasts straight from frozen on–so you could imagine my recipe repertoire was lacking if not non-existent.

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Sweet & Sour Sauce

If I had to pick out ONE meal in my childhood that made my heart beat, it was my dad’s Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls. I honestly had dreams about them but I never made them for myself because they seemed like a lot of work (needed a deep fryer and I had to actually cut meat with my bare hands).

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The Perfect Balsamic Dressing

I’ve developed a serious hate for store bought salad dressing once I’ve discovered this super easy, simple and delicious Balsamic Dressing recipe. Its perfect in every way and a great base to add more to as well.

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