Chipotle Chicken Wraps 

When I first moved away from home at the age of 18, I was clueless in the kitchen. The only appliance I knew how to use was my George Forman grill that I would cook chicken breasts straight from frozen on–so you could imagine my recipe repertoire was lacking if not non-existent.

The one thing I could make however was wraps. I knew if I threw in a bunch of things I liked with a yummy dressing I would satisfy both my tastebuds and my belly. So why did I stop making these delicious concoctions? Am I too good for a simple wrap? Not anymore.

I’m back in the wrap game.

The base and of these wraps is my delicious Chipotle Aioli. We also added marinaded chicken (cooked on the grill and then pulled), fresh avocado, green peppers, tomatoes, grated cheddar, kale and fresh chives.

 The kale adds volume, crunch and heartiness to the wraps and we made some yam fries on the side (which I ended up putting on my wrap as well and it was insanely good).

What do you like to put in your wraps?


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