The ‘Summer’s Still Here Salad’ with red onion, dill, feta & mint

It’s the end of October and I have officially been pumpkin & squashed out. I always look forward to this season so I can get into all the comfort food but I can’t help but miss that fresh taste of summer. This salad recipe I found on The Kitchn looked too good to resist, even around this time of year.

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A Carbonara recipe for everyone

I remember when I used to work in the restaurant industry, there used to always be a carbonara dish under the pasta section. I knew it had bacon (or a pork of some sort) and it always looked deliciously creamy–which is why I think I avoided it for so long. To my surprise, there is no cream involved at all. Check out this excellent Pasta Carbonara recipe I found on Epicurious this week.

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A taste of Morocco: Spiced Honey Chicken

If you’re ever looking for a crowd pleasing dish that looks like it took you forever, but actually only took you a few minutes to prep, then this is the dish for you. My mom made this years ago and it’s flavour and presentation stuck with me all these years. Now, I make it probably once a month and it’s INSANELY good every time.

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Perfect Popcorn: Every single time

A few years back I gave up on microwaves all together. I just all of the sudden didn’t feel comfortable using it. Plus, it was taking up so much counter space in my old apartment I just really didn’t feel like it was worth it! I never looked back, but had to quickly learn a new method of one of my favourite snacks, popcorn. Here is THE best method to stovetop popcorn where EVERY SINGLE KERNEL POPS.

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Perfectly simple Thai green chicken curry

Sundays are perfect for warm & comforting dishes whether it be pasta, soup, chili or curry. When I lived in Australia, we used to eat SO much Thai food it was actually strange. The Thai food in Australia was by far the best–and I even went to Thailand (that can’t be right but it is how I feel). So today I’ve decided to share this amazing Thai Green Curry recipe from Bon Appetit.

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