5 things I love to do with lemons

I absolutely LOVE lemons. Some would even say borderline obsessed. I usually buy the big bag of them at the grocery store because I can’t resist the look of a giant bundle of these beautiful yellow creatures– how can I possibly use all these lemons you ask? Here you go:

Food Network Kitchen Infused Water Lemon Healthy Recipes Food Netowrk

Lemon Water – We drink lemon water like it’s our religion in our house. I bought the perfect ‘lemon saver’ from Superstore a couple years ago. It keeps the lemon fresh so when one of us goes to make the refreshments, the slices of lemon are already there and ready.

file_172593_2_lemons02Decoration – Lemons (and anything from the citrus family really) are beautiful in colour and shape. Pile them into a bowl, stack them in a vase or use them as napkin weights for a fancy sit-down dinner. The options really are endless.

DSC_0399Cleaner – Lemons are a mild and natural disinfectant and happen to smell amazing too! I like to use lemon juice and salt to clean my wooden cutting boards (because you know you’re not supposed to use a cleaner with toxins right?). I also love to rub lemon juice all over my hands when I’m done — maybe just because I like the smell so much?

tula-gluten-free-bakerys-lemon-loaf-059ed8f385f5ffe3Cooking/Baking – Whether it be squeezing fresh lemon juice all over my chicken or veggies in the frying pan or grating fresh rind off the peel for a tasty lemon loaf, the options are endless and most recipes call for a little acidity.

lemon_juice_for_hairHair – Now I know this was super popular when we were all in grade school but remember that it actually worked? I find my hair lightens even easier now that I’m getting older so I like to run a little bit of the golden juice through my hair before a day at the beach. I hope my hair stylist isn’t reading this!

There are so many other uses for lemons that I need to explore. Anything I’m missing that is great? Let me know!


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