A crowd-pleasing chicken mozzarella pasta

This recipe from The Pioneer Woman is easily the most satisfying pasta I’ve ever made. It’s simple, but so decadent that it will please any crowd.

First, let me start by how much I love her recipes. They are perfect for someone who is just getting into cooking and she gives the best descriptions and images to go along with each recipe– her witty comments will make you chuckle too. I like someone who has fun and doesn’t take themselves to seriously (kind of like myself in this process).

I didn’t always cook as much as I do now. My mom was an excellent cook growing up and I simply wasn’t interested. It didn’t help that I was the PICKIEST eater too. I would only eat bread, cereal and french fries for the first 15 years of my life!

There is something about all the ingredients in this recipe that get me excited. I feel like I’m actually in Italy cooking a feast.

mozza 1

Follow exactly how Ree does it and you will not be disappointed. Here is when the sauce has been cooking for some time and then you add the chunks of fresh mozza. I’m salivating looking at this right now.

mozza 3

Once you finish cooking the sauce and you’ve added the mozzarella and it’s started to melt, that’s when it really comes together. I love to put all the cooked pasta in a large serving dish and then pour the gooey sauce all over. I like the presentation of this, but also ladling our a huge slop of chicken mozzarella pasta onto your plate is somehow so satisfying. I like to call this the ‘rustic’ look — I can’t lie… I’m just a messy cook.

mozzarella chicken 2

Is your mouth watering yet?

Click here for The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Mozzarella Pasta recipe


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