Jamie Oliver’s squash & ricotta pasta bake

When searching for recipes there a few things that I look for in particular: the ingredients, the method of preparation and of course, the final presentation. As I’ve been learning to cook, I have been trying to expand my skills in the kitchen without comprimising the process–there’s nothing worse than getting something wrong and ruining your dinner. As a virgin to the use of butternut squash (but not the flavour) I knew this was going to be a challenge–and this was my first Jamie Oliver recipe too.

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Throwback Thursday: Biarritz 

Biarritz was our second stop on our 4 part Europe trip back in June and I found it convenient to post these photos on #ThrowbackThursday. I told you my thoughts about Paris in my previous post, Paris in a nutshell, but let me tell you, Biarritz — and the entire Basque Coast — has a dear place in my heart. From the moment we got off the plane and smelled the coastal French air, I felt like I was home.

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Grilled zucchini with garlic and lemon butter baste

I’m obsessed with our new BBQ and am looking for any reason to grill nowadays. This has never been where I do my end of the work for dinners. Kyle mans the BBQ and he likes it that way (at least that’s what I think) but I have convinced him to let me give it a whirl here and there. I was craving zucchini so I searched and found this yummy recipe from Bon Appetit.

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On the grill: Orange chili chicken marinade 

We are lucky to have a covered patio for our BBQ and can grill all year round. Yesterday, even in the downpour, we decided to have a nice festive dinner. I found this marinade on Canadian Living and instantly fell in love.

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Rainy day activity: Adult colouring books

Doesn’t ‘adult colouring books’ sound a little dirty? When I first heard of these I assumed it was going to be something x-rated. However, to my pleasant surprise, when I walked into Indigo and saw the questionable heading on a stack of well-merchandised books, below were exactly what I’ve always dreamed of.

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