Beautiful BC

Super, natural, British Columbia

There’s a reason why that is our province’s slogan and anyone who lives here can attest to it. British Columbia lines the Pacific edge of Canada with beautiful coastal-scapes and mountain ridges that seem to stretch infinitely so visually it is a real treat to look at.

But the best feeling is when you really get to experience it up close. The other weekend, three of us decided to rent a boat from Sewell’s in Horseshoe Bay and head out on the Howe Sound for the day. I have been boating many times back home on lakes, etc but ocean boating is definitely a new experience! We also rented the smallest possible boat so it was definitely little us, big BC.

boating 1
Bathing suit by Gypsy05

We ventured up the Howe Sound to Lion’s Bay and pulled up to the infamous jumping cliffs that, from land, you need to drive to a parking lot and walk down the train tracks for 1km to get to (a fun place to take someone). It was so nice to just pull up the boat and swim up!swimming

jumping rocksAfter that, we jaunted around the waves a bit and each took a turn at the wheel and thought of the best idea ever–take a pit stop at Bowen Island for a Ceasar (bloody mary with Clamato Juice for non-Canadians).  Bowen is a short ride from West Vancouver and you can pull up, park the boat and head to the local pub to have a drink on the patio. Perfection? Yes.

boating 4

This day was truly one of my favourites of the summer. Highly recommend anyone who lives here or visiting to do this!


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