Easy homemade granola bars for the win

Who doesn’t love granola bars? They are hearty, filling and delicious and the perfect morning snack for the person on the go.

For someone like myself (and my mom), they are crucial for our happiness. The second we are hungry, we turn into these over-emotional and sometimes irrational beings– and the only solution is food. My dad keeps granola bars hidden around the house and car in case of ’emergencies’. I was living in Australia years ago and landed home after an 18 hour flight. I was exhausted, emotional and dizzy. My dad picked me up and I remember driving home with him being a bit of a ‘biotch’ and him just reaching into the glove compartment and pulling out a granola bar– ‘eat it’ he said and I was instantly fixed.granola bars 5This is my first time making granola bars and I can’t get over how easy it was! The ingredients are so simple and you can really choose whatever you want to add to the oats, granola and syrup mixture. I used chopped pecans, raisins and sunflower seeds but the options are endless!granola bars 4granola bars 3Zero baking required and once you have the mixture browned enough you just pour it into the cake pan and let it cool off (which doesn’t take long for any instant gratification people out there).

granola bars 2I can’t wait to play with this recipe and change up the ingredients!

You can find the granola bar recipe I used here.


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