Converted to Cons

 It’s really interesting how in different places there are different trends. For example, after my trip to Paris a few months ago, I couldn’t help but notice the infatuation the majority of the girls there had with the Adidas Stan Smith shoe. It got to the point where my gf and I made it into a game and we had to point out every time we saw someone wearing them. Believe me when I say–it was a lot.

Living in Vancouver (as well as any other West coast cities), the same could be said for Converse. 
When I first moved here I vowed I would:

  1. Never wear Lululemons as pants.
  2. Never buy a Coach bag.
  3. Never buy a pair of cons.

Note: Only people who know Vancouver will understand these vows.

Well I am now often seen out in leggings, I still would never get a Coach bag and I had to buy a pair of Cons for a costume and now their slowly creeping into the majority of my outfits.

Goes to show–never say never.


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