Quick and delicious mashed potatoes

I am no rocket scientist when it comes to making mashed potatoes, however, I think I may have just invented the easiest and most delicious mashers I’ve ever had!  They are creamy, full of flavour and use minimal ingredients (just the kind of recipe I like).

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Beautiful BC

Super, natural, British Columbia

There’s a reason why that is our province’s slogan and anyone who lives here can attest to it. British Columbia lines the Pacific edge of Canada with beautiful coastal-scapes and mountain ridges that seem to stretch infinitely so visually it is a real treat to look at.

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Easy homemade granola bars for the win

Who doesn’t love granola bars? They are hearty, filling and delicious and the perfect morning snack for the person on the go.

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Paris in a nutshell

I went to Europe for the first time in my life a few months ago with my best friend Chelsea and Paris was our first stop. Speaking honestly, while I was there I was not digging Paris… I guess I just didn’t like the smoking, the heat (it was boiling when we were there) and the handful rude people we met along the way. But now looking back on these photos–it really wasn’t that bad. Funny how that happens! See gallery –>

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Szechuan soba noodle salad with avocado & roast cashews

I just love the way this salad sounds first of all but the taste and flavour of this dish was off the charts!

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